Our Services

From concept to creation. We Bring your events to life.

Functional and comfortable portable cabins for events created by Destination plus


Effortlessly transform any location into a functional and comfortable event space with our versatile portable cabins

Event space designed and branded by Destination plus

Design & Branding

Your Vision designed into curated experiences, our team will ensure your event embodies your brand and leaves a lasting impression on your guests

Portable solar energy solution created by Destination plus

Energy Solutions

Power your outdoor events sustainably with our efficient and reliable solar energy solutions and expert cabling services

Event construction process by Destination Plus


With our comprehensive turnkey production solutions, we take care of every detail, ensuring your event runs seamlessly from start to finish

Service of transportation and logistic process by Destination Plus


From transportation to installation, our logistics services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your event and ensure a seamless experience

Event catering and hospitality by Destination Plus


Experience unmatched comfort and convenience with our hospitality solutions, including event catering, accommodations, and VIP services

Destination Plus Security services for events


Enjoy peace of mind at your event with our top-notch security services, providing reliable protection for you, your guests, and your assets

Event facility maintenance by Destination Plus

Facility Maintenance

Keep your event space looking its best with our facility maintenance services, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your guests

Our Process

From planning to post-event evaluation, our process ensures no detail is overlooked, so you can relax and enjoy a flawless event.

Destination Plus design service logo
Phase 1 : Design

Here we explore, develop and refine the project plan, scope, and objectives. During this phase, the project team works to identify the project requirements, assess the feasibility of the project, and develop a comprehensive plan for executing the project.

Destination Plus portable cabins logo and portable Destination Plus portable solar energy solution logo
Phase 2 : Cabins & Energy Solutions

After finalizing the plan of action, we look at the required products to fulfil your requirements. This includes all the elements like cabins, containers, tents, etc. that we provide for your event. Simultaneously we look at the energy requirements and how we can fulfil it.

Destination Plus event production logo
Phase 3 : Production

Production of the elements required for the project begins. If manufactured on site; our team of professionals begin assessing the site status and start production if everything is in order.

Destination Plus logistic service logo
Phase 4 : Logistics

This phase includes identifying and managing the transportation of all the requirements to be arranged on site, our in-house logistics department develops a detailed schedule and timeline.

Destination Plus hospitality service logo Destination Plus security service logo Destination Plus Facilities Maintenance logo
Phase 5 : Hospitality, Security & Facilities Maintenance

This phase involves making the final adjustments and changes in the site. Making sure all the staff required begins their tasks and have the event space ready for handover.

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We offer a wide range of products to make your event a success

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